Can you see cracks in your brickwork? In need of a specialist helibar contractor? Where masonry has cracked and failed as a result of ground movement, weathering or increased loads, the helibar / Helibeam System provides stress-free horizontal bed joint reinforcement which ties the masonry together while creating deep masonry beams which restore integrity and distribute structural loads. Other ties and fixings provide lateral and vertical restraint to complete the system, which is applicable to all types of masonry structure.

ATRUSS PRESERVATION are installers of the Helibeam /Helibar System, and have many years experience in its design and installation. We are pleased to offer free local estimates tailored to individual circumstances. Guuarantee's are available with the system. We are London crack repair specialists.

Areas covered Clapham , Wandsworth , Battersea , Southwark , Peckham, Southwark, Merton , Wimbledon , Kingston , Richmond , Lambeth , Fulham , Dulwich , London , Putney, Lewisham , Brockley, Streatham, Tooting, Camberwell, Peckham, Iseworh, KIngston, Sutton , South Croydon , Banstead, Reigate Surrey and Kent.

Information on the Helibar System

Helibar Information The principal components of the Helibeam System are HeliBars, of differing lengths depending upon the application, which are bonded into cut slots at pre-determined levels in the masonry using HeliBond thixotropic cementitious grout. It is the composite action between the HeliBars and HeliBond that provides the core element of the Helibeam System, making it such a versatile, reliable and successful masonry repair system. HeliBar starts as round stainless steel wire with a typical 0.2% proof stress of 500N/mm 2 but after the cold forming manufacturing process that creates the helical hi-fin design, this more than doubles to around 1100N/mm 2 . This means that HeliBar, with its relatively small diameter, provides substantial tensile properties to the masonry, particularly when combined with HeliBond grout which locks between the fins and bonds to the masonry. Consequently, the well proven Helibeam System has a variety of remedial and new build applications.

Benefits of the Helibar and Helifix Crack Repair System

The epoxy resin can be covered with various types of brickwork pointing to match the existing such as weathered pointing ( weather-struck joint ) and bucket-handle" or "hosepipe" joint . For repointing in Wimbledon or Wandsworth call us now for a quote. We are London repointing specialists.

Areas covered include but not limited to London Boroughs such as: Sutton, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Fulham, Lewisham, South Croydon, Southwark, Kingston, Banstead & Reigate, Richmond.

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The helibar Crack Repair System


The Helifix Crack System